Full Service Grooming Disclosure

Puppies & People Too! Inc. is different than most grooming salons. At our salon we give you an appointment time, then groom your dog all the way through to completion. Our goal is to finish the service within an hour or two, depending on the breed. We believe this gives you and your dog(s) a better experience than most other grooming businesses, which force you to arrive first thing in the morning and have you pick up at the end of the day. We also do not kennel your dog(s). Most grooming businesses charge a higher price when grooming a dog all the way through - we do not. We also have a higher volume and busier schedule than many others.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule for a later date, you must do so by two days before at 7 pm, or a $25 rebooking fee per dog would be incurred. If you arrive more than 15 minutes later than your appointment time, we may reschedule your appointment, and a $25 rebooking fee per dog would be incurred. If you simply do not show up or cancel within two hours of your reservation start time, a $40 rebooking fee per dog would be incurred, and a deposit may be required to make future appointments. If you arrive and don't have the proper vaccination documentation, we could very possibly need to cancel the appointment. It is the law, plus our policy, that all dogs who enter our facility are properly vaccinated, which is for the safety of all the dogs here. If this is the case, a $40 rebooking fee would apply, as we would not be able to fill the space.

We hope you can respect and appreciate that we implemented these guidelines because when people cancel with no lead time, we are often unable to fill the space, which causes our groomers to stand around with no dog to groom (sometimes for up to two hours for a single appointment), and ultimately lose money. This is not fair to the groomers or to the other customers we have likely turned away. We also routinely experience customers who arrive 15-20 minutes late (or more), which throws off the entire schedule and causes all of the other dogs to be finished later than their owners expected. This causes customers to become very upset and causes groomers to become too stressed and overwhelmed, which could impact their quality of work.

Prices can varry due to size, weight, breed and coat type.